Homestaff000 missing persons in Kosovo during the former Yugoslavia war.

Scientists are developing a new forensic technique for accelerating the identification of more than 2,000 missing persons in Kosovo during former Yugoslavia warA research at the Institute of Forensic Anthropology at the University of of Granada carried out will accelerate the identification of more than 2,000 missing persons in Kosovo during the former Yugoslavia war, besides the development of a new forensic technique to the study of ribs and pubis is based, which will be very useful for the identification of persons in armed conflict. This work, a pioneer in the world involved in the study of one of the largest forensic samples not previously analyzed.

Analysis of human remainsis the new forensic identification in the not only disappeared in the identification processes of those persons during an armed conflict such as Kosovo, but also decomposed to other forensic cases the analysis, saponified corified, mummified or skeletal human remains. Edixon Qui those stresses that are present in Kosovo are still 2,000 missing persons. Therefore, the results of this study to the direct applicability of direct applicability a positive effect on a positive effect on a major social problem , such as to let go of to let go of the people during the armed conflict. .GA – Infante Gut Microbiota a screening test Does Key Tool For Disease develop Investigation.

Genetic Analysis AS, in molecular diagnostic company with launched its GA – on map microarray test at higher -throughput screening of baby flora. During the recent Sackler Colloquium on Microbes and health care in the U.S., presented the company data from evaluation screens available their potential its potential as a tool for the research related of the mechanisms of pathogenesis in the conditions of of intestinal flora.