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Quitting smoking is a life changing step for the better that many people have undertaken with their health, wealth and happiness in mind, and although undoubtedly a step in the right direction, many smokers – despite the gains they have made – still revert back to their habit. So what lifestyle alternatives are there to smoking, moreover, what to do if everything else fails?


1. Find a new hobby

Whilst you probably never thought of smoking as a hobby, and never would have listed it as an interest on your CV when searching for work, the amount of time most smokers spend puffing away qualifies smoking as both an interest and a hobby to a great extent, so you may need to find a new hobby to take over where smoking left off. This however, provides recovering smokers with a great opportunity to not only further distance themselves from their habit, but also find something new and interesting to do with their free time. Staying busy and keeping one’s mind off smoking has long been touted as the most effective means to staying off cigarettes and could be the difference between a cigarette-free lifestyle and a relapse.

2. Learn a musical instrument

Many former smokers have found that of all the symptoms of cigarette withdrawal, one of the most difficult to deal with is the lack of something to do with their hands. This is a commonly experienced side to giving up cigarettes and one that many have found best dealt with by picking up a musical instrument to occupy themselves. Sure your tunes may sound a little stressed at first, though once the worst of the withdrawals are over – they really don’t last very long – you’ll be plucking or blowing away and enjoying yourself much more than you had for quite some time no doubt.

3. Exercise

Keeping in shape and preventing weight gain after giving away the cigarettes should be a concern for all smokers giving up smoking and looking to adopt a new and more rewarding lifestyle. It often proves difficult for many smokers to get into exercising and working out immediately after they’ve given up smoking due to the state of their lungs and overall health, though as long as they start off slowly and don’t push themselves too hard at first, they’ll find that before they know it, not only are they running and working harder than they thought possible, but they’ve also gotten over the withdrawal period without looking back. Moreover if they set themselves goals pertaining to fitness and health, they’ll also have more of a reason to never think about smoking ever again.

4. Electronic cigarettes

Former smokers are correct in thinking that if you’re on electronic cigarettes you a) haven’t really quit smoking and b) that you’re still far from coming close to liberating yourself from addiction to nicotine – a poisonous and inherently nasty chemical (insecticide) – but electronic cigarettes are however, a much better alternative to smoking tobacco, and if you manage it correctly, could prove to be an inherently important stepping stone to liberating yourself completely from addiction to cigarettes. Addictions are often nasty, and although there’s no need to check yourself into a rehab centre to emancipate yourself from cigarette slavery, you might however, find the Addiction Advisor and similar websites to be extremely useful when sourcing information about the nature of addiction and methods of unshackling yourself from the ravages of this inherently dangerous, deadly and dirty drug that takes the lives of approximately five million people every year and destroys the lives of countless others with permanent health conditions.