HomestaffA few highlights Sunday 7th September.

A few highlights – Sunday 7th September, 19:00 clock: reception at Stockholm City Hall, the City of Stockholm the City of StockholmMonday the full program.30 clock: Computational neuroscientist Mitsuo Kawato will present his brain – controlled robotsMonday, September, 15:40 clock: neuroscientist Henry Markram of the latest advances in the Blue Brain Project, which is a model of the brain using a supercomputer wants to simulate discuss.

Some seven million fans are expected to football event football event in Germany. According to news reports a large brothel is being constructed near the main venue for the World Championships in Berlin. Prostitution is legal in Germany.VI the intracellular transport obstacleacademics by the Centre of Cancer Biomedicine at the Norway Radium Hospital be the first ones to demonstrate that absorption and enrichment of of nanoparticles into cell able to disturb important intracellular transport route.