HomepharmacyA group of 103 obese adolescents were surveyed from 2004 to 2006 to assess body satisfaction.

A group of 103 obese adolescents were surveyed from 2004 to 2006 to assess body satisfaction, weight – control behavior, thinness, thinness, self-esteem and symptoms of anxiety and depression, among other factors. We found that girls with high body satisfaction had a lower probability of unhealthy weight control behaviors such as fasting, skipping meals , or vomiting, said Kerri Boutelle, associate professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the University of California, motivation, andol of Medicine. Boutelle added that the positive relationship suggests in this study between body of a girl lucky with their bodies and their behavioral and psychological well-being that improve body satisfaction was an essential part of the measures for overweight adolescents are shown. has a focus on strengthening self – image and motivation, and skills to help in weight control behaviors of force can protect young girls from feelings of depression, anxiety or anger often associated with obesity, said Boutelle..

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