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USHIFU Announces First Sonablate HIFU device in India for Minimally Invasive Prostate Cancer TreatmentUSHIFU, a worldwide leader in the development, distribution and use of minimally invasive high intensity focused ultrasound technologies, announced the establishment of India HIFU and the introduction of of Sonablate HIFU services in Hyderabad, India which Dr go to this link here . Ramayya. Pramila hospital for the treatment of prostate disorders Ramesh Ramayya, President of Urology and Nephrology Services at the hospital said: ‘The introduction of the Sonablate 500 and the HIFU technology for the treatment of prostate cancer is an important milestone in the practice of urology in the Indian sub-continent. ‘ – The Sonablate HIFU will be officially launched in India at a launch event on 3 December 2008 at the Taj Krishna was the Chief Minister Dr. YS Rajashekar Reddy. In addition, Dr. Madhav Kamat of Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai and Dr. Ranganadha Rao, former president of the Urological Society of India honored guests at the inauguration. Ramanaidu, film producer, will be useful, Awareness Program run on the same day. The following day, the first HIFU treatments in India will be conducted by Dr. Ramayya. USHIFU medical director Dr. George Suarez will observe the procedure remotely, enter via a virtual private network and to be able to comment. ‘Because the population is having a healthy lifestyle aging, it is imperative that patients be offered with prostate cancer a real alternative to existing therapeutic options of surgery and radiotherapy, HIFU technology is minimally invasive, far safer than and as effective as available. Alternatives. I am sure Sonablate HIFU and India HIFU Centers is driving a huge success in India will be, ‘Dr. Ramayya. – ‘I have seen HIFU in action and I think it is a good decision, there are many patients who I feel the benefit with HIFU in India, especially to those who do not are such surgery patients patients who have had radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy in India;. Surely there must be some failures, HIFU will be useful, , ‘said Dr., ‘said Dr. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Professor of Urology in CMC, Vellore and President Elect Urological Society of India.

India HIFU with USHIFU and International HIFU, the company through which USHIFU conducts its international business operations and makes affiliated the HIFU technologies for patients in centers outside the United States, India HIFU is the exclusive distributor of the Sonablate . – system in India, and is responsible for marketing and developing Sonablate HIFU centers around the country.

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