HomesurgeryAbout BMN 195thBMN 195 is a proprietary.

About BMN 195thBMN 195 is a proprietary, orally available small molecule with a novel mechanism of action for DMD BMN 195 acts by increasing the expression of utrophin, an endogenous functionally similar to functionally similar to dystrophin. The goal of the therapy would be to preserve muscle function and prevent the inexorable decline seen the strength in DMD patients. BioMarin, the primary advantage of BMN 195 is that it treat the entire treat the entire DMD patient population, regardless of the mutation in the patient wears offers.

-tes Phase 1 clinical study BMN 195 for Duchenne MuscularBioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. today announced that the first subject is the treatment in the Phase 1 clinical study of BMN 195, started a small molecule utrophin upregulator, the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy dystrohpy . Initial top-line in the third in the third quarter of 2010.– Dr. Carolyn Bennett (Liberal, selected first in 1997, named Canada’s first State Minister in Public Health in December 2003.