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The research was funded by the L. Whittier Foundation through the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, 5 – dimethyl – celecoxib. Antiangiogenic antiangiogenic effects on the vascular system of the tumor. ‘Jenilyn J. Needle Kardosh, Encouse Golden, Stan Louie, Nicos Petasis, Thomas C. Chen and Florence M.

According to WHO, the prevalence of obesity in 16 percent the adult population into Finland, which is higher than the level Sweden and Norway (below 10 percent. Obesity comes with several of co-morbidities as type II diabetes, high blood pressure infertility. Both excessive weight gain and patients comorbidities cause of grief and high health expenses. Research shows that which only successful treatment for obesity surgery be. And 12,500 prevalence of obesity is in Finland, estimated that number of operations just over 400 in 2008 and slightly more than 700 in the year 2009 had. The number of operations Sweden over 3,000 per year.