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In 2006, an otherwise healthy 53 – year-old Ezekiel C. Mobley Jr. Was routine surgery to remove an infected system. A Los Angeles native, he was planning to get back to the first Spanish-language TV show hosting Pittsburgh. But he died before the hospital. [ The results] emphasize the urgent need for national and international policies to care for this group of patients to improve, said lead author of the study Rupert Pearse of Queen Mary, University of London.

As to whether a study similar to the Lancet research done in the United States , the death rate would be higher than reveal this, experts were divided. While some said the death rate here would half in Europe, re-evaluationct regulations in the U.S. Be, others said death rates in American operating rooms could also rival across the Atlantic. – I was really shocked – very, very shocked, said Ora Mobley Sweeting, a human rights activist and mother Mobley.They suggest analyzed whether SNPs Add order to Breast Cancer Risk.

The authors found that five of SNPs statistics to breast cancer to 11 had non perhaps be associated. They suggest 2006; data from multiple groups can necessary to large sample to see associations if effects of to allow moderate.

Editorial: Ioannides JPA. 2006 of genetic variants of breast cancer 32 large extent disproved candidate and major outlook. J Clin Oncol 2006; 98:1350-1353.