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According to a specialhe unhealthy policies Might Lower Blood Pressure for kidney patients to beRecent guidelines of the the National Kidney Foundation Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative 1 call for lower target blood pressure levels in patients with chronic kidney disease check information here www.propecieu.fr . But in the absence of high-quality scientific evidence, there is a chance this recommendation could do more harm than good, according to a special article. In an upcoming issue of the Journal of the American Society Nephrology The new low blood pressure goals are not definitively supported by data, would be costly for the healthcare system and potentially harmful to patient, said Julia B. MD (Vanderbilt University, Nashville, conducted a critical review of research results.

1 K / DOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines for hypertension and antihypertensive agents in Chronic Kidney Disease. Guideline 7: Pharmacological therapy: The use of antihypertensive agents in CKD. National Kidney Foundation.

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