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Robotic systems. Telesurgical Protocol The new protocol was cooperatively developed by the University of Washington and SRI International, to standardize the way in remotely operated robots are managed over the Internet. ‘Although many telemanipulation systems have common features, there is currently no universally accepted protocol for connecting of these systems,’said SRI Tom Low. ‘We hope that this new protocol serves as a starting point for discussion and the development of a robust and practical Internet standard that supports the interoperability of future robotic systems. ‘.. Connected to a 24-hour period, each participating group over the Internet and controlled robots at different locations.

The Protocol will allow engineers and designers that usually develop technologies encourage independently, together together to determine what works designs best, widespread adoption of the new communications protocol, and help to develop robotic research faster. Early adoption of this protocol promotes international robot systems to be developed with interoperability in mind, and to avoid future incompatibilities. ‘We are very pleased with the success of the event in which almost all the possible connections between operator stations and remote robots were successful happy we were particularly pleased that new elements such as a simulated robot and an exoskeleton controller running smoothly with the other the other remote manipulation systems, ‘said Professor Blake Hannaford of the University of Washington..Charity Chairman, HRH The Duchess Of Cornwall inaugurated Extended National Osteoporosis Society Headquarters.

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