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‘Despite this, the government GP training center this year will turn away more than 200 medical school graduates, wanted be the GPs ‘ Caplingua said. – ‘826 graduates applied for only 600 places.

‘The government should Australian patients believe that doctors of nurses and allied health replaced replaced. – ‘But the nurses’ union says there are not enough nurses in Australia to the current workload of the nursing staff to manage, let alone think about taking over the work of doctors.. ‘There is every reason to train more GPs and no reason not to, ‘Capo Lingua said.’The AMA plan for primary care reform released yesterday shows that GP led teams are the safest and most cost effective way to ensure that all Australians primary health care primary health care.Indeed really returned under the carpet ‘(Rabin, New York Times.. Safeguards patients against blood-borne infections – requires ‘possibility to to a viral infection a health worker. ‘The New York Times examined on Tuesday, as ‘troublingly Very little is known ‘on According to the Times, Currently policies any health care workers and surgeon to test for blood-borne virus and infected worker range offering medical services, including Operation. Federal Office for Health officials say risk of healthcare worker transfer of a the blood infection is a minimum in a patient, but ‘some of critics say being applying double standards in fact, present While clear staff in employees public health exposed order to protect a patient’s blood there are no such protection for patient invasive procedure, ‘reports the Times.