HomesurgeryDuring the operation.

The system formatted patient – specific CT images acquired before surgery and displays them on the screen from a variety of perspectives . During the operation, the system tracks the position of the instruments in or on the patient’s anatomy and continuously updates the instrument position on these images. Landmar eN instruments were the first on the market with rotating arrays to hold the line of sight for both right – and left-handed surgeons, enabling uninterrupted navigation.

Designed for the enterprise, Nose and Throat business unit of the Navigation business at Medtronic offers the Landmar element of advanced technology to the major IGS support functions an ENT surgeon. Needs for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery .HCV specific potential for targeted gene therapy of developing HCVGene therapy has arose to fight a a new approach to HCV infection in the past years. However, one of the major barriers be overcome, targeted : respective genes to be delivered and expressed as a HCV-infected hepatocyte without having to healthy tissues.