HomelaboratoryFood riots have already started as Global Grain Prices Skyrocket.

Food riots have already started as Global Grain Prices Skyrocket, Supplies Dwindle riots and other forms of civil unrest have already broken all over the world in response to a global grain shortage and rising food prices.According to the World Food Program and the Early Warning and global information system of the Food and Agricultural Organization, street protests and riots over high food prices have broken in Guinea, Indonesia, Mauritania, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Yemen and West Africa in the past months.

AIDS in Africa the Gambia’s Unproven AIDS RemedyLeading HIV experts are the the government of The Gambia stop encouraging citizens with HIV, antiretroviral drugs, try to an unproven herbal remedy. The HIV Medicine Association calls on President Yahya Jammeh ‘s unproven claims that the treatment stop ‘cures’AIDS. This year, President Jammeh began applying his treatment to a handful of patients who had done well was on antiretroviral therapy but the drugs to qualify to receive his ‘cure. ‘.Flowers wrote phonics based instructions for the research was selected because it has proven useful in children. She said the Researchers are now looking, whether a less intensive program is have the same advantages.

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