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To substantiate this observation, the team took a look at cells genetically engineered to lack the taste receptor gene. Without the gene did not fructose stimulate insulin release, highlights the role of beta cells taste receptors play in the insulin signaling. ‘These results are interesting, because we know that insulin affects blood glucose levels, suggesting that these newly identified beta cell taste receptors may play a role in metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes play,’said Kyriazis, the lead author of the study.Since 1933, she supported the advance and disseminate scientific knowledge in all aspects of genetics and molecular biology, including cancer biology, plant science, bioinformatics, and neurobiology The time a division of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a pioneer in the life sciences research by and training researchers, students and public for more information, please visit.. On Coldspring Harbor Laboratory Press.Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press an internationally renowned Verlag to the books, magazines and electronic media, on Long Iceland, New York.