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.. Oral complications in patients receiving radiation therapy and / or chemotherapy treatments usual xerostomia. Head and neck area. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause damage to the lining of the mouth and affect the production of saliva. These changes often lead to mouth sores, severe mucosal ulcerations and dry mouth, called xerostomia. Depending on the severity, this debilitating side effects interfere significantly with patient medical treatment and change their quality of life. – These new treatment options are urgently needed respite for patients, Dr. Caroline Dumas, Vice President Medical Affairs of SpePharm commented.

Mugar has also received a marketing allowance in the U.S. By the Food and Drug Administration under a 510 process.. Mugar is a ready – to-use mucoadhesive oral rinse indicated for the prevention and treatment of lesions and symptoms of oral mucositis, a condition mainly caused or induced by radiation and / or chemotherapy. Treatment with Mugar was the beginning of the radiotherapy or chemotherapy can be initiated before the signs and symptoms of mucositis are evident. Given 2008, Mugar CE certification by the Dutch Notified Body was granted.Valgimigli and his colleagues used a random selection of 745 patients from Italy, Spain and Argentina, and was a STEMI undergoing a PCI. From October 2004 April 2007, the researchers examined the effect of high-dose tirofiban and sirolimus – eluting stent than abciximab infusion and of uncoated stent implant.

For those who have tirofiban received had been 9, to those for those had had 12 patient did non-coated stents , a higher rate of MACE – 54 patients respectively patients who have been treated to the the of sirolimus – eluting stents had comparison lower MACE rate – 29 patients respectively patients who received sirolimus – eluting stent were even probably be much less, revascularization of requires – 10.2 percent with bare metal stents with a 3, 2 percent receiving sirolimus – eluting stent compared. Inferred the authors: In summary, of our study provides evidence out that in a broad population a large extent disables patient PCI on STEMI, tirofiban therapy being with an non – linked failed original resolution from ST-segment elevation within 90 minutes as compared post – interventions with abciximab Click here month follow -up, MACE are as halved carried sirolimus -eluting stenting as compared having uncovered stents.