HomesurgeryHealth care system.

, An increase in Medicare reimbursements for primary care such as payment system and a pilot program use of medical use of medical homes for beneficiaries to test lead to considerable changes in the U.S. Health care system, witnesses testified at a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Tuesday, CQ HealthBeat reports. The hearing was the latest in a series to be discussed by the Board on issues relating to health reform. Previous hearings addressed efforts to decrease health care costs to reduce, expand access to care and improve the quality of care.

Mark Miller, director of Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, also said the Medicare fee-for – service program, the separate reimbursement ‘silos ‘for different services, not the coordination of care for beneficiaries. :: ‘We now need to move beyond these limits – the creation of new payment systems to change encourage providers to change how they may interact with each other ‘, adding: ‘Providers need to increase care coordination and shared responsibility for the quality and use of resources. ‘.Drug users U.S. Diplomats are contradicting including harm reduction strategy UN counternarcotics statements. Monitor reports that the Obama administration has changes no rules realized under former President George W. Bush that to finance a ban on the use which U.S. Foreign aid money needles – exchanges.. According to Michel Kazatchkine, Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, saying HIV / AIDS professionals that needle – exchange program, peer – LEDs education and replacement therapies – as methadone care – have proven are effective in preventing new cases of illness to IDU.

After display, number of Asian countries has begun achieve in order to IDU given the health risks associated to drug use. For example, the Chinese authorities on methadone clinics support and outreach services, whereas Indonesia loads advocates visiting of its prisons. Sattler Sattler an regional advisor on HIV / AIDS in the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime in Bangkok, Thailand, that reducing the spread of HIV being ‘one of the very powerful arguments that with governments and which they need to think about to think about it ‘He added: ‘Many HIV epidemics in the area were and continues his, driven by the spread of HIV among drug users do not have access do not have access into a comprehensive pack ‘(Montlake, Christian Science Monitor.