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HealthNet connectHealthNet connect, one of the first networks of its kind in the nation for funding by the Federal Communications Commission Rural Health Care pilot Program received permits secure connectivity between hospitals, outpatient clinics , and a variety of other medical facilities check information here . The fiber optic network provides a resource for health information exchange between participants in. Across Iowa and western Illinois especially especially in remote rural areas currently have 28 hospitals connected in the first phase of the program HealthNet connect is also available for private clinics, pharmacies, medical laboratories, insurance companies and other healthcare organizations cycle. – About Iowa Health System.

EPrescribe Iowa is also a component of HealthNet connect, Iowa Health System’s 3,200 – mile fiber-optic network that extends from Denver to Chicago itself. It is a first step toward a larger goal of implementing connected Electronic Health Records , the technology at the center of President Obama’s efforts to improve quality of health care and to reduce costs.

The New York State Nurses Association, nation Federation of Nurses a further Member State, today released an explanation of urge people in donation to the International Response Fund, and to ask New York-based RNs to ServNY Sign a State New York Optional register programs guarantees that any international access to access to education in order who effectively in disaster situations.

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The Hill: President Barack Obama Monday that Congress should authorize a definite health care reform. From the Henry J. Did not say a public option Obama, that House and the Senate invoice have 95 % of identical and played of the fact that the final legislative unlikely to a public health select during a the Oval Office interview with U.S. Urban Radio Networks ‘ April Ryan belong. public option was public option be an area that just became symbolic of many ideological struggles As a practical matter, that’s not the main aspect this calculation. – The House bill or of the draft law .