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In recent weeks, doctors in the emergency room at West Jefferson Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, nearly a dozen workers had started in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico cleaning of the oil spill from BP treated to a good six week blown. Damon Dietrich told The Associated Press that the patients showed a pattern of similar symptoms, including respiratory, nausea and headache, which are the result of exposure to burning crude oil, the chemicals used to could distribute the oil, or even smoke from the oil themselves Gina Solomon, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council, said she had seen a number of workers over the past week, she had not seen in a hospital http://genericiali.com http://www.genericiali.com .

We must do everything to the disruption of basic health services, such as occurred in Auckland, so that the quality of patient care is not impaired to avoid, said Dr. Ultimately, we must ensure that the health contracts are robust and that there is a national framework for regulate health DHB contracts, so there is national consistency across all DHBs.

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