This study will help doctors the importance of support groups for cancer patients. Recommends recommends Assistance in identifying and accessing support groups should be a standard of care for all patients, the curative, follow-up, or palliative care for cancer .. Interestingly, predictors of use were similar in different types of cancer and included female gender, Caucasian race, higher education, and the symptoms of depression or anxiety. Younger and urban residents not predict support group use. While physical functional status can not predict has use in cancer patients, it has. In patients with other chronic diseases Owen also found that while physicians passively supported patient use of support groups, only one in ten cancer patients in this study physician’s recommendation physician’s recommendation.

Published in the 15th June 2007 issue of Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society finds, the study shows that cancer survivors rather a support group compared to people to participate with other chronic diseases, but by there is little active support for such use the attending physician. Utilization among cancer survivors varies from on factors such as gender, health insurance and other comorbidities.. Strengthened Psychosocial Support for Cancer Survivors must USAWhile involved in four cancer survivors at a support group after the diagnosis, use of support groups varies considerably by cancer type, and few survivors receive references for on such programs by their doctors a new study.– have been There were no deaths due to treatment Bezielle.

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