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Chinese herbal medicine may provide novel treatment for alcohol abuseUCLA researchers have found one component a component of an ancient Chinese herbal anti-hangover medicine dihydromyricetin, isolated from the plant Hovenia, acute alcohol intoxication and withdrawal symptoms counteracts.

The next stage of research will involve human clinical trials, the researchers said.IMPACT:The research team observed, Prof. That can counteract a molecular target and cellular mechanism for alcohol intoxication and dependence, which offer new therapeutic treatments – based on an old ‘folk medicine ‘treatment that has been used by humans for at least 500 years.On this year 2008 World AIDS Day Focus support, Lead – Empower deliverability, asked Department of Health North Dakotans, about take responsibility for their health and for HIV to get tested, mainly self ever been asked. Themselves a risk to HIV by engaging in risk behavior Risky performance includes unprotected sex, pin -sharing for drug use, Sales piercing. HIV tests see test site across the country. The tests sites be filled by trained personnel, free, confidential HIV testing, pre-and post – test consulting, and references to enable those at risk. HIV can be prevented from by avoiding or do not engaging at risk behavior. For more information about HIV testing and different HIV / AIDS services, call the North Dakota Department of Health HIV / AIDS Program the 800th Hotline..

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