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It is not known, battlesten the micro – occur in boxers http://viagrasildenafil100mg.com . You can the the destruction of brain cells and deficits such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease. This hypothesis is shared by several research groups. The three boxers, the changes usually had found the changes in the frontal or temporal lobes, where the shear forces of blows are strongest.

Precursor precursors of Parkinson’s disease and dementia In boxing, the head is hit at high speed and with great force. Shearing movement shearing movement between different brain tissues, resulting in microhemorrhages. ‘Injuries of this kind with the help of a modern MR imaging device with a field strength of 3 Tesla, which can be detected in Heidelberg,’explained Professor Dr. Stefan H? Senior physician at the Department of Neuroradiology of Neurology, University of Heidelberg Medical Center, who? Conducted the study with Professor Dr. Uta Meyding – Lamad then chief consultant at the Department of Neurology, University of Heidelberg Medical Center, now Medical Director at Northwest Hospital in Frankfurt.

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Ventura County, California: than 50 health care providers and educators on Thursday took part in a Symposium on to the county shortage of nurses as well as options to increase the number in Hispanic nurses to discuss Ventura County Star reporting increased. :: The Hispanic Legacy Fund and which Ventura Nursing Legacy Project host of the symposium entitled range in health care and which effect on the Ventura County Latino community. Studying keynote speakers Hayley bookbinder, a researcher at the University of California – Los Angeles, who did care programs California that a lot community colleges, where 70 percent of the state nurses receive their training capacity problems and faculty shortages. Joan Beem, director of the nursing program at Ventura College, that basal mathematical and written comprehension be an obstacle to the students who are on the program. Another obstacle is inexpensive, she added (Bakalis, Ventura County Star, Reprinted by permission out of you the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy is Report show looking for or, or sign up for mail notification on emperors Daily Health Policy Report being on Kaiser network. A free service of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation releases.