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Last Lehmann and George Kim, also a medical informatics at Hopkins, designed and launched the journal Applied Medical Informatics, devoted to original research and commentary on the use of computer automation in the day-to-day practice of medicine. Lehmann and Kim are the journal editor in chief and managing editor are.

‘There is no longer any doubt that pediatric practice should go digital, as it is much less clear than go,’says Lehmann, in critically ill director of the clinical computer science at Hopkins Children’s. ‘For a pediatrician in practice there are many unanswered questions.10 times the with Asian Healthcare, other needs of the PA, Indian Residents.. World Congress of CardiologyThe World Congress of Cardiology Scientific Sessions of is the official congress of the World Heart Federation and be every two years. Through the World Congress of Cardiology, the World Heart Federation provides an international stage on the latest developments in science and public outreach in the area of cardiovascular of Health. The World Congress of Cardiology focuses on the complementary character of science and public outreach and endeavors to convey the message that that due to individual, communion and patient care intervention, the growing epidemic of the cardiovascular disorders are prevented in developing countries.

International Network of Women Against Tobacco The International Network of Women Against Tobacco a network of about 1800 members in 100 different countries together, to help reduce tobacco use and exposure to women during. INWAT women by women tobacco control leaders to address the complex problems of smoking among women and young maid.