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When SSM St. Mary’s Medical Center in St. Louis BOOST at its 33 – bed hospitalist unit deployed, unplanned 30-day readmissions. 12 to seven per cent within three months patient satisfaction rates also increased significantly, from 52 to 68 %. – in 2009 University of Pennsylvania Health System ‘s annual Operational Quality and Safety Award for Project BOOST implementation team at the hospital.

Working We are grateful for the opportunity, not only with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan also with the other also with the other physician organizations to implement in our country and share best practice ideas transitions supply, said Christopher Kim, hospitalist at the University of Michigan and director of the statewide joint program to the transitions of care – on time selected. The basis of their collaborative model and its comprehensive approach to a specific problem preventable BOOST. – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is confident that this project – as our other value partnership programs based on robust, state-wide, data-driven, quality improvement partnerships will have a positive impact on thousands of Michigan life, said David Share, Senior associate Medical Director, Healthcare Quality, for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.The Cochran 008 In 2008 2,008 Two thousand and Fathers Day and Men ‘s Health Week : Experts discuss Available for Non-Traditional father of doing do male to receive and remain healthy.

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