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McCaul and Sestak, founder and co – chairman of the bipartisan Pediatric Cancer Caucus assembled the experts, the unique challenges the unique challenges of childhood cancer patients and their families, in comparison with adult cancers. The goal of the summit among members raise awareness among members of the Congress policy and ultimately better treat and prevent the disease. This disease devastates children and families, said Congressman McCaul http://www.clomidhelp.com click here . Unfortunately, the drugs, research, treatment and financing, the pale exist in comparison to what, for adult forms of cancer are available. We have an obligation the chances the chances the the quality of survival for our children to do and, underlying medical conditions to make an investment. .

– leading killer of children in the United States from diseases – kills more people every year, ages 1-20 as asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS combined – 35 children are diagnosed every day – and studies development of drugs specifically for pediatric cancers remain underfunded – Since 1980 only approved a new drug for the treatment of childhood cancer, compared to 50 that were approved for adults – for every $ 6 in federal research institute per AIDS patient and every $ 1 per patients with breast cancer.


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