HometreatmentsNeurosurgeons removing pituitary tumors typically have a large.

Mamelak an endoscope introduced consisting of a camera lens on the tip a long tube through a nostril, entering through the base of the skull sphenoid sinus deep deep within the skull and below the pituitary. A decade ago, neurosurgeons removing pituitary tumors typically have a large, bulky surgical microscope and entered through an incision under the lip, which caused considerable damage to nasal structures. Today, most surgeons , the nasal approach, but the operating microscope. The operating microscope.

Published two days later. Because there is so little tissue destruction with the endoscopic approach, we do not need the the nose after surgery, the bleeding and drainage to minimize patients are much more comfortable and very satisfied with the results, ‘said Mamelak, who performs about 75 pituitary operations per year.. After conducting a full medical workup Moreland the doctor you Mamelak, a neurosurgeon called in the Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai, the benign tumor removed February 24 It was out of the hospital tumor-free and with only slight nasal discharge.The Blending Conference Blending Clinical Practice and Research: partnership building in the Great Lakes States shall Drug Addiction Treatment Better – place in 27 to 28 September at the Marriott Detroit revival.