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– The report is available online.. Legal services. Lack of legal certainty in Kenya undermines combat the efforts to combat HIV / AIDS Epidemic, Report SaysThe high cost of legal services in Kenya leaves many people vulnerable to human rights violations – including sexual violence, discrimination, dispossession and mistreatment by the police – and undermines efforts to prevent and treat HIV / AIDS in the country, according to a report published Monday by the Open Society Institute, reported the news agency Reuters published. The report titled ‘Ensuring Justice for Vulnerable Communities in Kenya ‘, OSI OSI East Africa Initiative and Law and Health Initiative. According to the report, legislation of the government of Kenya in January approved protects the rights of HIV-positive people, but it properly enforced properly enforced without affordable legal services.‘Household contact of the patients having S. Aureus infections have does not scanned routinely of southeast aureus colonization and to identify failure all colonized members of household can persistent to ease colonization of and recurring infections Furthermore household environment surfaces and shared objects present potential reservoir to S aureus transmitting. However, there are no data indicative of whether sampling would routine household maintenance and decolonization practically or cost effective.