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Obesity is an inflammatory, chronic and progressive disease that is associated with dramatic changes in the tissues and blood levels of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory proteins and hormones. It is the main cause of several metabolic syndrome features and their complications, including hepatic steatosis . Currently there are no drugs anti-obesity anti-obesity effects and reverse and prevent obesity-related steatosis and metabolic syndrome, rodents and humans.tions such as high blood sugar and high triglycerides, which can cause cardiovascular disease.

It is noteworthy that these results are not in the control animals eat the same diet, but not given, rimonabant, the beneficial the beneficial effect of the drug compared to a diet alone -. Is ‘Our hypothesis Increasing multi – protective effects of rimonabant for a large portion can be mediated both by the reduction in pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF and the increase of anti-inflammatory and protective equipment cytokines or hormones such as adiponectin, ‘conclude the authors. ‘This suggests a potential clinical application for this CB1 receptor antagonists are associated with the treatment of liver disease associated with obesity and the metabolic syndrome.Kapcio which USPHS members praise for their dedication to four months Holiday humanitarian assistance deployment to Latin American and the Caribbean, he next to alongside Public Health Service members. I have never been impressive with an organizational as I with the Public Health Service, said Kapcio. They have absolutely amazed my. Their can-do attitude, its spirit and enthusiastic for the mission .

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