HomestaffOther exciting developments are likely in the field of bionics

Other exciting developments are likely in the field of bionics, including the development of materials sensitive but flexible enough to skin caused by robots in situations could be used in which the sense of touch is crucial replicate. The researchers write: ‘We expect that in many applications, these materials gradually replace silicon and metals, and they may even make possible entirely new technologies, particularly in the field of bionics, which seeks to combine technology with biological systems. ‘ . Symmetry and the world around us – could a bizarre 248d symmetry group really help us to a theory of everything?

Doc Bessesen Myron Genel, a senior research scientist presented of the Yale University School of Medicine and Leonard Wartofsky, professor of medicine at the Georgetown University School of Medicine and a former president from The Endocrine Society, the latest advances in research and treatment of obesity and provided Tips that implement the Congress to treat the obesity epidemic could.

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According to a 2008 JAMA study is 16.3 % of child and adolescents aged 2-19 year be overweight and nearly a third is at risk for obesity. Of a current study CDC Was to the likelihood of obese adolescents at a obese adults 80 % of for boy and 92 per cent of were for girls. – The obesity epidemic be does not gone and there leads to significant morbidity and mortality, said Dr. Daniel Bessesen Professor of medicine, said the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. While there consensus on the something must be done, on endocrine no generally accepted Organised national plan on to tackle this the public health crisis. .