All of our Coyaltix Carriages are made in Europe using the finest craftsmanship. These traditional style carriages are fitted with contemporary designs to accommodate today’s safety and comfort standards. All of our carriages come equipped with front and rear disc brakes, parking breaks, and suspension leaf springs.

Our Carriagehouse
Carriage package includes:

Carriage of choice with well-trained black Friesian horses
Well cared, maintained and cleaned horses, carriages and harnesses.
Driver and Driver’s Attendant dressed in formal attire (unless otherwise requested)
Full service of preparing a picture perfect carriage ride. Keep in mind that about 5-8 hours of work before and after your event is included.


Vis-à-vis: Ultimate VIP carriage, suited to sit four adults comfortably. The passengers can sit face to face with the convertible top down or up. Ideal for weddings, corporate events, special occasions. White with royal blue upholstery, hard rubber tires and lamp brackets with old style candle lamps. We offer this carriage to be pulled by one (single) or two (pair) horses.

Cinderella Carriage

Cinderella: Most exclusive white and golden fairytale carriage that makes any dream come true. Four adults or up to six children can comfortably sit on the burgundy upholstery under the roof top. Special rain curtains can be applied if needed. Two adults, facing each other, fit on the elevated platform on the back. The Cinderella is set up with the classical hard rubber tires. This magnificent carriage is the key to a romantic wedding, sweet 16, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or any special occasion. This carriage is set up for two (pair) horses.

Large Wagonette pulled by a pair

Large wagonette: Strong and colorful carriage with two benches that face each other can fit up to eight people comfortably. Fully set up with electric lights, ideal for sunset tours, sunrise events or night occasions. Yellow upholstery in contrast with royal blue makes this carriage special for any birthday, party, excursion or leisure trip. The pneumatic wheels make this ride especially smooth. The easy entry back step with a secure back door invites passengers to mount the carriage effortlessly and enjoy the ride. This carriage can be pulled by one (single) or two (pair) horses.

Smaller Wagonette seen from the back.

Small wagonette: Black with yellow upholstery give this cart the special look like the old stage coaches. Four adults can enjoy the ride in this light carriage. Whether it is a shopping tour, sightseeing, surprising a friend or taking driving lessons, this wagonette guarantees all the fun you can experience with a horse drawn carriage on Maui. Pneumatic wheels and electric light equipped. Set up for one (single) or two (pair) horses.

Marathon carriage

This Marathon carriage can take you almost anywhere – Photocredit Caitlin Cathey Photography
Marathon carriage seen from the back

Marathon: Turquoise with royal blue upholstery, pneumatic wheels and pneumatic suspension gives this cart a sportive look. With this Maui-ocean color design and our black Friesian horses this is a head turner. Ideal training carriage and made for daily use. Two adults can sit in the back. Wide step and rails allow getting on and off easy. Electric light equipped and can be used in the dark. Set up for one (single) or two (pair) horses.