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Pamela Goldberg, Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Campaign said, ‘Breast cancer research has made considerable progress in the past two decades and vital work is still in progress, but there are still considerable gaps in knowledge.

The development of a computer program that will quickly tell clinicians which is the best treatment for a person is only one of many funded research projects of charity.determine exactly who to respond or not respond, breast cancer treatments is very difficult, the computer program. To be able to predict which patients benefit most, not only from current treatments, but also any new therapies that on the market that can save the route for the treatment to the individual, and ultimately life.JAK-inhibiting drugs now move at clinical trial for treatment of those adult myeloproliferative disorders such polycthemia vera, essential thrombocytosis , and primary myelofibrosis, Downingtown said. We expect that it you soon to the first clinical conventional studies of safety and effectiveness of this medicine in children with ALL which JAK mutations were identified on assessed its leukemic cells into relapse. .

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