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Eye. As part of its new consumer needs-based portfolio strategy, Bausch & Lomb Multi – Purpose Solution its ReN position than ReN Sensitive Eye. Available nationwide in new packaging to stores in July 2009, this multi-purpose solution designed specifically for contact lens wearers who want a gentle formula. ‘A number of contact lens wearers to identify themselves as having sensitive eyes,’says Robins. ‘We wanted to take into account these needs of consumers by letting them know that we have a formula on shelves that has sensitive eyes in mind from the very beginning, ‘.. ReN Fresh Lens Comfort, formerly ReNu MultiPlu is designed to keep contact lenses feeling like a fresh pair every day, the formula is the only multi-purpose solution in the market with Hydranat, a clinically tested ingredient that protein deposits that.Merge currently working on of a new generation to the world-renowned merge box to a site Extended file management requirements in a robust boxes encapsulate develop. ‘Sustainable digital imaging solutions need solid, intuitive image management,’says Justin Dearborn, ‘Merge Healthcare has been delighted to WHIA this, as well offering to work together on of the broader vision of, diagnose and data around the world. ‘.. Quality Imaging Allianz diagnostic imaging diagnostic imaging and data to the developing world.

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