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Of Raptiva is followed a single 0.7 mg / kg SC air conditioner dose weekly SC doses of 1 mg / kg.. In the last six months of the study was the incidence of serious adverse events low and consistent with data from previous RAPTIVA Phase III studies.About RAPTIVARaptiva is a humanized therapeutic antibody designed to selectively and reversibly block the activation, reactivation and trafficking of T-cells, leading to the development of psoriasis. In October 2003, RAPTIVA received U.S.

To see to see a consistent safety profile of Raptiva in this three-year open-label study. .. Contact: Tara Cooper 225-5505 Investor Contact: Lisa Tuomi 225-6554three-year study with Raptiva showed Long term and sustainable clearing in moderate-to -severe plaque psoriasis patients-New data were presented today at the American Academy of Dermatology Meeting-Genentech, announced today the final results of of an ongoing study, the sustainable improvement of psoriasis symptoms showed more than three years of continuous treatment with Raptiva . This three-year study is the longest study of psoriasis patients. Continuous treatment with a biologic agent – RAPTIVA the first biological therapy to lasting benefits for psoriasis patients were treated continuously over a period of three years show, said Craig Leonardi, associate clinical professor of dermatology at St.‘We thought about 25 per cent of girls had having behavioral in childhood, no problems of adaptation ,, While over a quarter of develops least three adjustment problems, ‘Tremblay said, order to determine an additional research is required into related of social of aggression such rumors spread, Peergroup exclusion. ‘We need to find out what causes of aggression and how behavioral problems behavior disorders. ‘.