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They also share the same genetic basis for certain types of cancer In addition, the researchers say that because of the way the genomes have evolved, getting cancer may be inevitable for some humans and dogs. ‘Since we now know that dogs and humans seem to share a common pathogenetic basis for some cancers, we believe that studying dog cancers us to us to more easily identify cancer-associated genes dog populations than in human populations Once identified. May may be able findings findings to human cancers, because a greater level of a higher level of insight into the risk of cancer, diagnosis and prognosis, ‘said Modiano..

Like ourselves, Sara E. Our dogs suffer from a wide range of spontaneous cancers For thousands of years humans and dogs a unique combination in the 21st , this relationship is, this relationship is now strengthened with a solid biomedical basis of the dog genome, the unlock unlock of the most fascinating of the most fascinating mysteries of nature through cancer, Breen said.U.S. Hearing Addresses International Violence Against Women ActBy VOA News, said Rep. Bill Delahunt him and other MPs planning to introduce the legislative. Last week, witnesses of stated at a hearing including actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman and Department of State Ambassador-at-Large Melanne Verveer, on global situation on violence against women.