HomesurgeryResearch into risk factors.

Research into risk factors, early detection and treatment of prostate cancer continues to be advancement in the technology provides new tools for scientists. Hahn and colleagues conduct a study called PROGRESS to genetic and environmental risk factors, Cock development of prostate cancer and to to identify reactions influence on the therapy. Tap the new technology it IU School of Medicine researchers will of more than 500 of more than 500 genetic mutations and environmental toxic effects at the same time.

The number of dissected LNs emerges as one of the most important prognostic indicators. Patients with comparable depth of invasion had a better survival increased than the number of resected LNs. The patients had better long-term survival results. With LN counts of u003e 15 for pT1-2, u003e 20 for pT3-4 and u003e 15 for the entire cohort There was a statistically significant, negative correlation between the number of resected LNs and the recurrence rate. The study has also shown that the number of cut LNs not significantly correlated with the post-operative complications., dass.

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