HomesurgeryResearchers have a potentially powerful way to combat malaria found.

Parasite, but by friendly bacteria change in Mosquito GutBy genetically modifying gut bacteria in the malaria mosquito, U.S. Researchers have a potentially powerful way to combat malaria found. friendly bacteria that live in the midgut of the mosquito next to the malaria parasites produce lethal to the lethal to the parasite, but does not harm humans or mosquitoes.

About Immersion Medical,Immersion Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Immersion Corporation, develops, manufactures and markets computer-based medical training simulation systems worldwide. The systems integrate proprietary software with tactile feedback and anatomically appropriate models Forward-Looking Statementsistic medical procedure simulations train clinicians to provide. The company has five product lines are:.Experts say that there is no epidemiological link between the two human cases. There is no indication of infection below those close to both infected patients. This year of this year, Vietnam introduced new breakouts of H5N1 avian influenza in poultry.

In the geneore Scientist says Novel discovery suggests novel approach of Age – Defying Anti – wrinkle treatments.

Order to determine the impact of reduced PYCR1 protein, the scientists examined the growth of frog and fish models in which which Gen. Been experiment PYCR1 off. You found out that mitochondrial function in animal models has been changed skin and anti wrinkle had and an increased rate of death. Our findings confirm the meaning of mitochondrial function in the aging process, said Dr. Reversade. In addition, the unexpectedly important the metabolism such as PYCR1 has during the synthesis of proline in a common amino acid essential to metabolic involved. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatments for common disorders related to age may will also benefit from renewable proline metabolism of.