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Of miRNAs for basic medical research. But many well-known, but also unknown miRNAs can only be found in small numbers in the cells and are thus overlooked using traditional methods, he added. deep sequencing methods, researchers can detect these miRNAs. This revolutionary high -throughput sequencing technologies, genetic material can be decoded quickly and at lower cost.. Researchers want to use this process , for example, cancer researchers cancer cells compared with normal cells, figure out which miRNAs role in the development role in the development of cancer, Rajewsky said.

Under the legislation, companies would have to report such gifts and payments to HHS on an annual basis. The bill would allow physicians who reports that HHS employees to check and validate would be disputed. In addition, the legislation would preempt state laws that require the disclosure of gifts and payments to physicians.. In a statement, Grassley, Kohl Announce Bill Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Company Physician Gifts DisclosureSens. Chuck Grassley and Herb Kohl reported on Thursday a bill that would require pharmaceutical and medical device companies disclose gifts and payments to physicians valued at $ 100 or more in a calendar year, CQ HealthBeat reports.Christen, and Ronald M. Peshock, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and Jane A. Leopold and Joseph Loscalzo, Harvard Medical School. Christians also linked with the Center for Developmental Biology in, Toulouse, France.. ####co-authors of study be:. Namakkal S. Rajasekaran, Andras Orosz, Tamara J. Stevenson, William H. And Shannon J. Oldelberg, all the University of Utah School of Medicine; Patrice Connell, Liang-Jun Yan, Elisabeth S.

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