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The participants took part in extensive neuropsychological testing for memory and other cognitive functions assessed, and received positron emission tomography scans called at Berkeley Lab using a new tracer Pittsburgh Compound B was developed to visualize amyloid was. The results of the brain scans of healthy elderly people with various levels of life cognitive activity with those of with those of 10 patients diagnosed with Alzheimer ‘s disease and 11 healthy people in their 20s.

Brain scans revealed that people with no symptoms of Alzheimer’s who engaged in cognitively stimulating activities throughout their lives has fewer deposits of beta-amyloid, a destructive protein that is the hallmark of the disease.‘During the course the study we see if whether this plant we had had been extracted separate from callus culture anti-viral activity,’said Khalili ‘We soon discovered. HIV hamper HIV-1 gene expression replication in infected cells. ‘.

The patent on zidovudine and AZT – the primary ingredient in. GSK antiretroviral drug Retrovir – expired on Saturday , paving the way to cheaper generic alternatives releases be made available for millions of HIV-positive people in developing nations and in thousands in the U.S. , reports the hotels in Raleigh News & Observer . Stationary card not expected to its sales to be affected by the patent expiry, J. Affect the price of Combivir and Trizivir, their latest medicines to AZT, which 2004 taken a combined sales of $ 1.6 billion (Raleigh News & Observer[2].