HomedoctorSensory systems process their particular stimuli along specific brain circuits.

Thus identifying which sensory system during magnetic compass orientation is active, provides a way to recognize the sensory quality this particular this specific behavior.. Cryptochromes which fulfill the molecular requirements for sensing the magnetic reference direction have recently been found in retinal neurons of migratory birds . In addition, studies showed which parts of a migratory bird brain are active when the birds use their magnetic compass that the cryptochrome – containing neurons in the eye and forebrain region are very active in the processing of magnetic compass information migratory birds.

In the present study the research group from Oldenburg, Germany and their collaborators traced the neurons from the eye and from Cluster N. ‘link’. ‘link’. Recent findings by demonstrating a functional neuronal connection between the retinal neurons and Cluster N via the visual thalamus.And determined Administration – Approved Certified Stem Cell Lines Second hand little acceptance Forms, Reports bioethicist.