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66 percent[95 percent CI: 60 – 72] of imatinib patients achieved the primary endpoint of confirmed CCyR by 12 months was 6.3 months in. 135 dasatinib responders and 9.2 months in 88 imatinib responders MMR at anytime dasatinib patients was higher versus imatinib .. Dasatinib has excellent response rates comparison to imatinib[1]In the DASISION study showed dasatinib superior efficacy with higher and faster molecular and confirmed cytogenetic compared to imatinib by 12 months in newly diagnosed CP – CML patients Seventy.-seven %[95 percent CI: 71 – 82] of dasatinib-treated patients vs.

New research from Tel Aviv University has discovered another important reason for the children to. Ari found Shamiss and Dr. Adi Leiba of TAU Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Sheba Medical Center and his colleagues found that obesity in adolescence, as a body mass index in the 85th Percentile and above has defined Direct Direct link to the incidence of urothelial , and colon cancer in adulthood According to the American Heart Association, one in three children and adolescents are now considered overweight or obese.Diseases invoke for lead the way at health and the welfare research, UK.

That guide lists seniors investigators that have been selected to that human of supporting the most outstanding contribution to the patient and people at the forefront of health research. In addition to her research, Junior Investigator will be the new leadership of NIHR Faculty, expert advice to the the manager of the NIHR seem as NIHR Ambassador of and promotion of clinical and applied people-centered research in health and social care.