HomestaffSnoring is one of the main symptoms of OSAS.

The researchers evaluatedlysomnography is considered the gold standard for diagnosis of OSAS, the authors note, both of these current techniques are cumbersome.. Snoring is one of the main symptoms of OSAS, but snore while 30 to 50 % of the population, only 2 to 4 % have OSAS, according to background information in the article. The ENT specialist must distinguish between these two entities to provide appropriate treatment. The current methods for diagnosing OSAS are the measure of oxygen saturation and airflow or polysomnography, an overnight test sleep evaluate which the simultaneous monitoring includes a number of parameters including the patient’s airflow through the nose and the mouth, snoring, oxygen saturation, electroencephalogram and body position.

The researchers evaluated 101 patients who complained of an ENT clinic for snoring with a routine examination, consisting of a medical history and an assessment of the anatomy of four points in the nose and throat came on a scale of zero to three and a test the degree of obstruction in the throat. Patients were then evaluated using standard polysomnography in the course of two nights.. Alfred Dreher, from the Ludwig-Maximilians – University, Munich, Germany, and colleagues examined the predictive power of medical history and routine ENT specialist performed by an ENT specialist to OSAS identify patients a treatment for snoring.Current reviews to bring together research into the effects health care and are considered to of the gold standard for the determining relative efficacy of different operations. The Cochrane Collaboration is an international non, independent organization whose producing and disseminates systematic reviews medical countermeasures and promote looking for evidence in terms of clinical studies and other investigations of intervention.. The Cochrane contains high quality health care, including Systematic Reviews of the Cochrane Collaboration.