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###SOURCES: Lynda Williams – Shelley Haydel Contact: Carol Hughes Arizona State Universitytone is most often associated with the sublime experience of the European spa where visitors have associated masked, soaked and basted with this touted curative since the Romans ruled. If ASU geochemist Lynda Williams and microbiologist Shelley Haydel research on the antibacterial properties of clays to their full potential, smectite clay could one day rise above cosmetic use to take its place comfortably with antibacterial giants like penicillin.

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Certain statements contained set forth above forward-looking statements the purposes of the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995 that may include, society the Company: planning to develop and market their product candidates; including Neo-Kidney Augment and of the Neo-Urinary Conduit, and expectations about current and planned preclinical and clinical studies.