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The researchers found that chemotherapy with a prolonged survival in patients with NHL and that elderly Caucasian patients was associated with NHL were more likely to chemotherapy compared with African Americans was obtained. Socioeconomic status was with an increased with an increased risk of mortality, and there was a higher proportion of African-American patients in poor communities compared with other ethnicities http://kgrmed.com http://kgrmed.com . No significant difference in the risk of death were seen between African-Americans and Caucasians after controlling for factors such as socioeconomic status and treatment. ‘. Ethnic differences in diagnosis, treatment, socioeconomic status and survival in a large population-based cohort of elderly patients with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma ‘: – – ### Product Michael Wang, Keith D. Shenying fishing, Harry Wang, and Xianglin L. CANCER, published online: 20 October 2008 Print Issue Date: December 1.

NHL is a common type of cancer in the elderly. The incidence has been increasing in recent decades, and Caucasians have higher incidence and mortality rates associated with the disease than patients in other ethnic groups. Newer treatments for NHL have become available in recent years, but no ethnic differences in survival have been addressed as they relate to treatment, diagnosis, socioeconomic status or other factors.

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