HomesurgeryThe affirmation is in response to requests by physical therapists read full text.

The affirmation is in response to requests by physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and their patients for a product that is as effective as the Thera-Band Latex – band, but it’s suitable for people who experience allergic reactions to latex. The new and improved latex-free bands have the same recognized colors and offer the same resistance levels such as Thera-Band Latex Professional Resistance Bands that are approved by APTA continues as to disposal since 1995 read full text more info . – The new latex – free resistance bands were approved by a unanimous vote by the APTA Endorsement Committee, said APTA President R. Scott Ward, This new product was the significant clinical field trials with great results we are proud. Thera-Band Thera-Band Latex-Free Professional Resistance Bands endorsed our product line add. .

Franchiseehoppe and Medicap Pharmacy Statement On franchisee actionTerry Burnside, general manager and senior vice president responsible for Medicine Shoppe and Medicap Pharmacy operations, today issued the following statement submitted in response to a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Ohio seven Medicine Shoppe and Medicap franchisees who allegedly represent a class:.

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