HometreatmentsThe Company was Davana follow the link.

The Company was Davana, a galactomannan, to ensure timely and efficient approval of new formulations of previously approved therapeutics that maintain the proprietary drugs Section Section 505 regulatory pathway follow the link more info . Section 505 allows the FDA, a drug on the basis of data. In the scientific literature or data previously approved by the FDA cited as a basis for the approval of related drugs The FDA has approved galactomannans for other purposes, such as oral or topical administration. The Company has received approval for co-administration of 5-FU with Davana for intravenous injection for the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer.

About davanadavana, a new chemical entity carbohydrate carbohydrate compound which is administered with chemotherapy for treatment of cancer and biologics. Davana ‘s mechanism of action is is based on binding to lectins. Forward Looking Statements lectin receptors cancer cells. Current research indicates that galectins affect cell development and play an important role in cancer, including tumor cell survival, angiogenesis and tumor metastasis.

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