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In the U.S. Biogen Idec’s Oral VLA – 4 antagonist Returns Phase II development of multiple sclerosisUCB and Biogen Idec announced today the initiation of a Phase II study CDP323 – an oral VLA – 4 antagonist – in development for the treatment of relapsing multiple sclerosis . The double-blind, randomized phase II trial began this week with the dosing of the first patient. The study was designed to enroll more than 200 patients with relapsing MS, who failed previous treatment with a beta-interferon. In October last year , the company entered into an agreement to co-develop and co – commercialize this small molecule compound.

This is the first time that patients with MS is suspended CDP323. Approximately 50 medical centers in Europe and in the U.S. Is expected to participate in this study. The results of this Phase II study are expected in late 2008. – ‘Multiple sclerosis affects more than one million people around the world and so far, no oral treatment has been available for An oral therapy would represent a significant advancement for patients, as they are with a new, non-invasive option of drug delivery. Could offer said Professor Chris Polman, Professor of Neurology, VU Medical Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, lead investigator for the study.. The trial will compare the efficacy and safety of two doses of CDP323 monotherapy with placebo over a period of six months.Though a channels be no better than ABIs, Shannon is hoping that in the future four electrode get implants to work at least four electrodes. Please be aware passage work lip reading ,, but four channels of was suffice language of language. This could really improve quality of life for people, says Stuart Rosen, a speech and hearing health care professional at University College London.

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