HomedoctorThe findings could one day treatment treatment for the disease in humans.

The findings could one day treatment treatment for the disease in humans, and provide insight into other neurological disorders with similar symptoms, Martynyuk said.Every state screens newborns PKU. With the condition with the condition to a hard all – liquid food, which eliminates or reduces protein intake at least through adolescence and in their lifetime in their lifetime. Caught early, brain damage can be avoided and people with the condition can live a normal life, with the exception that comply to a protein – free liquid diet.

UF researchers found that increase in the brains of mice with PKU, levels of phenylalanine to six times higher than in normal mice. The excess phenylalanine interferes with a key brain cell chemical messenger glutamate, which in in brain development and function.‘Having mass spectrometry, we no only been able to profile these compounds but also new metabolites we think are important to for inflammation, aging and cancer to find,’added Merrillville.. His lab uses spectrometry to the profile sphingolipids, is a family of thousand metabolite into in cell-cell communication and intracellular signal transduction. It also examines the types and amounts these metabolites are whether the cells grow and to die control.