HomelaboratoryThe International Diabetes Federations Life for a Child Program.

The International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child Program, launched in 2000 children children. In developing countries with life-saving drugs, the program is run in collaboration with Diabetes Australia – NSW and HOPE worldwide, it currently supports 700 children and adolescents with diabetes in 15 developing countries would Without this support many die.

Both organizations memorandum of understanding memorandum of understanding to come to help and save lives in emergency situations. Recently, for example, IFL successfully delivered much needed diabetes care the IDF member association in Peru in the aftermath of the earthquake, the 15 the country hit August – References:.. The collaboration with insulin for Life is a tremendous resource. They have helped us to offer not only insulin and syringes, for example blood glucose monitoring devices, HbA1c testing, training and technical assistance for health care professionals when requested, said Dr., Afghanistan recover of three decades of conflicts and the challenges for the education system are horrible During the time of of the Taliban. Today is the no officially allowed to go to school. To government statistics show that it is. None maiden enrolled in school 2001.