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The lead author on the paper Joseph Ward, performed, The research is part of his doctoral work with Dr. Karen Lawler and Dr Keely from the Molecular Medicine Laboratories in RCSI. The team also worked with Prof Padraic Fallon of the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, and Prof Cormac Taylor of the Conway Institute at University College Dublin. Sources: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland , AlphaGalileo Foundation.

‘Diarrhea associated bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome , Crohn’s disease, colitis, celiac disease and microbial infections are a major health problem in Ireland. It is estimated that 40,000 to 50,000 people their local gastroenterology visit clinic every search year2 treatment for diarrhea. The cost to the Irish economy in terms of healthcare costs and lost working days is immense, ‘said Dr. Stephen Keely, Senior author of the study and associate director of the RCSI Molecular Medicine Lab at Beaumont Hospital.. Worldwide, almost 2 million children die every year as a result of infectious diseases , diarrheal diseases diarrhoea1 but also very common in developed countries.Long hair map a week? Every week we Take to you our Best five healthy, yummy, stylish, inventive, and simply really cool ideas we took in our new favorite website. . Courgette drives a far better decision as fried mozzarella and German fries.

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