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The legislature also passed a law , which national system national system to collect and store cord blood provide. J.he legislature passed 962 bills before adjournment Wednesday. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on some of the on some of the bills and has until 21 October to sign or veto the rest of them (Los Angeles Times.

They found that phenanthrene quickly forms a toxic substance in the blood known to trash DNA, mutations that can cause cancer. The smokers developed maximum levels of the substance in a time frame that surprised even the researchers: just 15-30 minutes after the volunteers finished smoking. Researchers said the effect is so fast that it is synonymous to directly injection of the substance into the bloodstream. ‘This study is unique,’writes Hecht, an internationally recognized expert on found carcinogens in cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. ‘It is the first human metabolism of a PAH especially by inhalation in cigarette smoke delivered to investigate without interference by other sources of exposure such as air pollution or the diet.Sen. Cit Senate of approved Health Insurance BillThe Utah the Senate voted on Thursday 27-0, an amended version of of the legislation , known as to health plans NetCare alternative to COBRA programs for unemployed residents of the state would be serve establishing that happen in Salt Lake Tribune . The bill would and by 2010 an Internet portal where small employer groups of streamlined insurance options to might have its staff, J according to the Tribune. A free service of The Henry J. Releases. Kaiser Family Foundation.