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Therefore, the main conclusion is to be our study our study, when the surgeon is the natural cleavage plane between tumor and pseudocapsule renal parenchyma by blunt dissection, thus performing an enucleation, there is no risk of positive surgical margins even with larger masses[5]. To always ‘close stay tumor margin ‘ by its pseudocapsule surround allows the surgeon entrance entrance into the tumor, and if the pseudo – capsule is penetrated microscopically, a minimum layer of renal tissue with a mean thickness of 1 read more .60) mm always guaranteed negative operating margins.

Progenics Reports Positive Interim Phase 2 report results for two dosage forms Novel HIV Therapy PRO 140Progenics Pharmaceuticals today announced positive interim results from two separate Phase 2 clinical trials of PRO 140 for the treatment of HIV infection. Both intravenous and subcutaneous forms of the PRO 140, a novel viral entry inhibitor, a high and prolonged activity, such as by the reduction in plasma levels of virus in individuals with HIV infection is measured. from the study of intravenous PRO 140 in Washington, the and the Infectious Diseases Society of America . In this study represent a 2.17 log10 maximum reduction in viral load in patients treated intravenously with a single dose of 10 mg / kg dose were treated, and the antiviral response was for three weeks after the treatment. The company separately announced positive interim results from the first clinical trial with subcutaneous PRO 140th In this study , the mean maximum reduction in viral load was 1.77 log10 for patients treated subcutaneously with three weekly doses of 324 mg of Pro 140, and the anti-viral response remained for two weeks after the last dose Both intravenous and subcutaneous forms of the PRO 140 generally well in these studies in these studies. The viral load reductions were observed for intravenous PRO 140 are similar in magnitude to the strongest our HIV medications observed in this stage of development, said Jeffrey M. Jacobson, Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology, Division of Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine and senior author of the ICAAC presentation. The findings underscore the efficiency with which PRO 140 blocks HIV. Access to CCR5 and healthy cells in vivo 140: the antiviral and safety data for subcutaneous PRO 140 are very encouraging, many patients are due to the potential for effective and well-tolerated, self-administered and yet could not be a daily reminder of their illness be excited. .

To present, anti-angiogenesis means is not licensed for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. However, as the preliminary examination for future clinical application of predicting the degree angiogenesis by of conventional dynamic multi detector detector CT , which be for the diagnosis for the diagnosis pancreatic cancer, will useful for you clinical.

Forecasts of pancreatic is poor. Recently has been discovered that the content of tumor angiogenesis prognostic marker prognostic marker in human cancer , including pancreas cancer. May be the degree of the the degree of tumor angiogenesis through non-invasive imaging is important clinically. However, there are only a few reports on such pancreatic cancer.